Video Testimonials

Chronic Low Back Pain Treated with Cluneal Nerve Stimulation

In this video, patient is expressing her thoughts on the way Dr. Ali treated her back pain.

How to Improve Quality of Life by Comprehensive Pain Management

How 36 Year Old Abdominal Pain Treated by Spinal Cord Simulator

The patient had Abdominal pain for 36 years. He tried Spinal Cord Stimulator! Let’s see what patient has to see about his pain relief!

Instant Pain Relief After Lumbar Epidural Injection

Radiofrequency Ablation, Pain Management Procedure Providing Great Relief

Lower back pain caused by facet joints arthritis can be treated with radiofrequency lesioning of medial branch blocks providing six months to a year of pain improvement!

Radiofrequency Ablation for Knee Pain

The patient had knee pain and was treated by a non-surgical method called radiofrequency ablation.

Compression Fracture Caused by Osteoporosis & Fall Treated by performing Kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty performed by Dr Rao Ali to help with back pain due to compression fracture caused by osteoporosis and fall. The patient is so happy after the procedure and is all set for Christmas shopping.

A compression fracture is caused by many factors; osteoporosis is on top of the list; where there is a loss of bone mass due to aging or hormonal imbalance. A fall, slipping, lifting of some heavy object may cause a fracture of the back bones.

Nerve Blocks Provide Great Pain Relief To All Age Groups

Effective Pain Management by Nerve Blocks for Headaches, Neck, Back, Extremity, Joint, Nerve Pain improvement. 95 year old female can feel pain relief and functional improvement after nerve blocks.

How Spinal Cord Simulator Changed Patient's Life

Spinal cord stimulator trial is performed using percutaneous leads and minimally invasive techniques is changing people’s lives by pain improvement and avoiding open spine surgeries and fusions.

Phantom Pain Treated With Targeted Epidural Approach

  • Kyphoplasty Osteoporosis Fracture Treatment
  • Post Viadisc Procedure Testimonial
  • Chronic Neck Pain With Tremendous Improvement
  • How the Pain Patient Feels Connected With the Physician


    His Plan Helped Reduce My Pain

    “I came to see Dr. Ali for a consultation for low back pain from years of doing gymnastics. He was able to make a care plan to treat my low back pain and his plan has helped reduce my pain tremendously.”

    - Mikey D.
    Knows How to Fix Your Pain

    “I'm finally feeling what quality of life feels like. I am very thankful I found Dr. Ali. He will always be my pain management doctor. He is a very good doctor that knows how to fix your pain and he really cares about his patients.”

    - Ricky C.
    Dr. Ali Cares About His Patients

    “Dr. Ali cares about his patients he doesn't give up on his patients he keeps working with them to get the pain down to at least 90-95%. Dr. Ali walked my CNA step by step on how to take the wire out no pain at all he stayed on the phone the whole time.”

    - Shannon S.
    Knowledge, Professionalism & Compassion

    “Dr. Ali!. His balanced mix of knowledge, professionalism & compassion is second to none while working with patients who suffer from pain on a daily basis. He helps me understand the reasons for the particular medications & the doses he prescribes.”

    - Benjamin D.
    A Godsend

    “Dr. Ali has been a godsend for me. I have seen several pain management Drs but he is the first that has made a significant difference in my pain level.”

    - Nancy M.


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