• His Plan Helped Reduce My Pain

    I came to see Dr. Ali for a consultation for low back pain from years of doing gymnastics. I was greeted by Dr. Ali with a big smile and with his full attention. He listened to all my pain areas and stories of how I injured myself. He was able to make a care plan to treat my low back pain and his plan has helped reduce my pain tremendously. I highly recommend Dr. Ali

    - Mikey D.

  • Knows How to Fix Your Pain

    I have been dealing with back pain most of my life. I've seen about sixteen pain management doctors with no long-term success. For the last twenty years, more pain has started in other areas of my body, like my left hip, knees, and both wrist. it has taken a serious toll on health. There was not much I could do without causing chronic pain. I was about to give up but decided to try one more time. I was looking up pain management doctors near me and saw Dr. Rao Ali, so I prayed on it and called. The office staff was great and professional. My first visit was on Dec. 4th 2020. I explain where I was having pain. He started sending me to other doctors to run tests, when he got the results back, he went to work, and the man he got busy working on me. NO MORE BACK PAIN- NO MORE HIP PAIN now working on my left leg, then knees, and last both of my wrist. He has convinced me that I made the right choice. I'm finally feeling what quality of life feels like. I am very thankful I found Dr. Ali. He will always be my pain management doctor. He is a very good doctor that knows how to fix your pain and he really cares about his patients. If you suffer from chronic pain make an appointment and see for yourself. Thank You, Jesus!!!

    - Ricky C.

  • Dr. Ali Cares About His Patients

    Dr. Ali cares about his patients he doesn't give up on his patients he keeps working with them to get the pain down to at least 90-95%. If you have a CNA that takes care of you, he will explain everything he is doing so the CNA also understand. For instance, I was due to come in on a day that was icy snow and was told to stay home. Well, the wires were coming out which it was time for 5hem to. Well, I could not make it we were snowed in. Dr. Ali walked my CNA step by step on how to take the wire out no pain at all he stayed on the phone the whole time. I will always recommend him and his staff.

    - Shannon S.

  • Knowledge, Professionalism & Compassion

    Dr. Ali!. His balanced mix of knowledge, professionalism & compassion is second to none while working with patients who suffer from pain on a daily basis. He helps me understand the reasons for the particular medications & the doses he prescribes. I would recommend him to everyone!!!

    - Benjamin D.

  • A Godsend
    Dr. Ali has been a godsend for me. I have seen several pain management Drs but he is the first that has made a significant difference in my pain level. When I first came to see Dr. Ali I was taking 6 Norco per day and still in pain. I am now down to 3 per day as needed and can relax if my due date for refill passes because I have pills left because more than likely I have meds left. I have complete days now that I can skip my meds. That has not happened to me in a long long time. Thank you Dr. Ali

    - Nancy M.

  • A Complete Doctor

    He is a complete doctor who cares about his patients and with me, he has helped so much and understands that about the pain I am in and he talks to me about what can be done to help me without taking a lot of pills. I trust him.

    - Hikimi K.

  • I Can Stand & Walk Again

    Compared to the condition I was in, I would endorse more than ninety percent relief. This doctor took on my difficult case as I was on heavy pain medication and had several surgeries. He believed in me and in helping me through this difficult time. I believe in him completely. I can actually stand and walk straight again. Mind you I am finally off the narcotics medications. Doctor Ali changed my life I will be forever grateful.

    - Peter H.

  • Painless

    Doctor Ali is amazing. He did back surgery on me all through a simple and small needle. No cutting, suturing or bleeding. I was reluctant to have surgery but he showed me his videos of people who found great relief through surgery. Now, I feel 100% better. It was painless. Recommendation straight away for all of you.

    - Alex S.

  • I Feel A Lot Better
    Dr. Ali was able to help me with my back pain, he did some injections. I was in lots of pain, standing walking, but now with Injections and some meds, I feel a lot better. Great doctor, recommended to all!

    - Jessica H.

  • Given Me Relief

    Been a patient for several years. Really like his knowledge and professionalism and has given me some relief with different procedures. His staff is very friendly and helpful. Would recommend him for people that have serious back issues like myself.

    - Raelyn H.

  • Genuine Care

    Dr. Ali is an amazing doctor! He takes time talking with me about my pain and is extremely genuine about my care. I feel very secure in the help that I receive. He takes a personal interest in my well-being. I wish other doctors in the medical field would care about their patients like Doctor Ali. He is an excellent doctor.

    - Barbi K.